Bournemouth tattooists, Amy and Abigail, frustrated with wearing glasses, have turned their sights to a novel form of vision correction which leaves them with a superb eye for detail.

Amy Billing and Abigail Rawlings, who are both established tattooists in the Bournemouth area, have been inspired to try an overnight treatment called Ortho-k which works as they sleep. Gently flattening the eye’s surface, it leaves them free of contact lenses and glasses for the day ahead.

Ortho-k, is a non-surgical, and fully reversible form of vision correction which Raxworthy Opticians in Christchurch is providing for patients.

Amy, 22, who studied Fine Arts, had looked at other options to correct her sight but is delighted with the results of Ortho-k and the tailor-made lenses – “I looked at laser but with the cost it wasn’t an option. I saw this and thought it looked amazing.” Amy, who has a prescription of -4.00 dioptres started using Ortho-k six months ago and had immediate results –  “After the first night of wearing the lenses at night I was -1.00 dioptre in the morning, and after a few nights I had perfect vision when I woke up. I can work all day and even if I am out until 3am on a Saturday night I can put my lenses in late and still see well the next day.
“I hated wearing glasses as they always slipped down when I worked, and my contact lenses used to dry out as I was staring at the same point for a long time when I work. I can spend up to eight hours on a piece of work. It is literally the best thing I have done – to be able to wake up in the morning and see – there were so many things that were awkward or inconvenient with glasses.”

Abigail turned to Ortho-k when she saw Amy’s success –  “I decided to give it a go, even though my prescription is only -1.25 dioptres. I hated glasses and had problems with wearing contact lenses during the day, but these lenses are fine at night. Once my eye had moulded to them they go in perfectly. The results are brilliant for my work, and I recently went travelling in South East Asia and the elephants were splashing water in my face – I couldn’t have enjoyed that with contact lenses or glasses.”

Richard Taylor, the optometrist who looks after Amy and Abigail’s vision, explained that Ortho-k moves the surface of the eye by less than half a hair’s width, and working much like braces on teeth can help to ensure that short-sightedness does not progress – “There have been a number of international studies which indicate that using Ortho-k to correct short-sightedness in children and young people can have significant long-term benefits for eye health.”


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Bournemouth tattooists turn to novel vision correction