If you suffer from reading difficulties, you may first want to investigate whether or not you have a visual stress problem.

Many children and adults with reading difficulties can benefit from a number of aids designed to help individuals who suffer from visual stress.

“I was getting eye strain and headaches at work, Raxworthy gave me a coloured overlay test and I got given green tinted glasses. It really works!”~Michelle

What is it about?

 Many children and adults with reading difficulties can benefit from using coloured overlays or coloured lenses.

Recent research examining children aged 7-11 in two primary schools found 50% of children reported improvements in the perception of text with coloured overlays.

This visual problem is known as Meares Irlen syndrome or Visual Stress — a difficulty certain people (not just dyslexic people) have with glare from the page. Coloured filters placed over the page can reduce the glare. The result is that you can read faster, for longer, feel less tired and understand more of what you have read.

Visual Stress Dyslexia | Raxworthy Opticians

The research suggests that 20% of the population could improve their reading by using colour. Although colour can help many dyslexic people, it does not help all dyslexic people and it is not a cure, just a treatment of the symptoms.

Coloured overlays are sheets of transparent vinyl which you lay over each page of type. Assessment kits and rate of reading tests help us to work out which is the best colour for you.


Mark, our specialist dispensing optician, specialises in coloured overlay assessments and has helped lots of our patients with their Visual Stress.