The EyeClinic | Raxworthy OpticiansProblems such as dry eye and blepharitis and the monitoring of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or glaucoma may require regular visits – possibly every few weeks.

The Eye Clinic within Raxworthys was established to offer rapid and/or regular access to our clinical team who can see you as frequently as required.

Emergency appointments can usually be offered within one working day to anyone needing urgent care. Most people are seen the same day and we have had many positive comments about how reassuring this is.

We provide advanced clinical equipment such as 3D OCT Imaging to facilitate the monitoring of eye problems.

We work closely with pharmaceutical companies such as Spectrum Thea and Scope Ophthalmics to supply a wide range of products and supplements to help manage eye conditions and these treatments are available from any of the Raxworthy team, all of whom have passed their ocular hygiene certification.

We want to be able to provide our best level of care for all of our clients, all of the time. VisionCare costs just £10 per month and is the preferred method of accessing our eyecare services. All examination procedures are inclusive on VisionCare, as are product and treatment discounts. There is no limit on how many times you attend. However, access is available on a pay as you go basis.