Eye Examinations | Eye Tests at Raxworthy Opticians Christchurch

Visioncare and Visioncare For Lenses were set up to allow our clients unlimited access to all of our services any time they like.

Whether it’s for regular eye examinations or treatments, contact lens examinations, blepharitis & dry eye follow ups, even the monitoring of conditions using OCT retinal imaging. We want to be able to provide the highest level of care and service for all of our clients, all of the time. Visioncare is the preferred method of doing so.

Visioncare allows unlimited, priority access to your chosen optometrist, whenever you like. We will provide as many comprehensive eye examinations as you require, regardless of the length of each visit. Not only that but it entitles you to 25% discount off any new spectacles you purchase, irrespective of how many pairs you buy. It also entitles you to free contact lens trails and discount on treatments such as Ortho-K Vision Correction. What could be more reassuring?

Visioncare costs just £10 per month and is the preferred method of accessing all of our services. There is no limit on how many times you can attend. Our clients have found this helps spread the costs of examinations, treatments and procedures, especially if we are seeing you every few months to monitor ocular conditions as examination fees, charges and treatments can soon mount up. With Visioncare we don’t have to charge individually for using extremely expensive pieces of equipment.

Visioncare Benefits

  • All eye examination procedures including unrestricted access to your chosen optometrist for examinations and advice.
  • OCT retinal imaging and digital retinal photography
  • 25% discount on spectacles, sunglasses and sports eyewear
  • 10% off hearing aids
  • 50% off spectacle repairs
  • 10% off eye drops, supplements and spectacle accessories
  • Access to our Eye Clinic for dry eye and blepharitis procedures
  • Coloured overlay assessments for visual stress and dyslexia
  • Contact lens trial appointments included, including 1 month of lenses free.
  • Colour and styling consultations with one of our trained dispensing opticians
  • Same day emergency appointments guaranteed (during opening hours)

“I’ve had blepharitis for a number of years and visited numerous opticians. Conventional hot compresses and lip wipes didn’t seem to make much difference. Richard sees me every 6 months for the Bleph-Ex procedure which keeps my blepharitis at bay.”

Darren | Visioncare Patient